Collaborative Energy Options (CEO) has assembled a suite of value benefits that are best-in-class. Working with our partner, Best Practice Energy, we have gained access to market leverage and energy expertise only a veteran team of seasoned energy experts can provide. Whether it’s sourcing and contracting commodity agreements or securing the best solar arrangement, CEO’s member benefits platform insures Best Contract Terms, Best Pricing, and Best Strategy so that your bottom line is improved.

Electricity & Natural Gas


Our electricity, natural gas, and oil purchasing platform is built on multi-million dollar purchasing power. Competitive pricing is guaranteed by our due-diligence approach, insuring razor-thin supplier margins.

Volume/Buying Power = Member Discount

Spot Competition = Member Discount

Market Strategy = Cost Avoidance = Member Advantage

Product Strategy = Cost Avoidance = Member Advantage

Term Strategy = Cost Avoidance = Member Advantage


CEO buying power advantage

Our platform leverages the billions of kWh and millions of Dth Best Practice Energy manages.  This benefit means low prices and more competitive offers for members.


CEO special member contract terms and conditions

Managers, Mayors, directors and buyers can be rest assured any contract signed as a member of CEO is best-in-class.  CEO has been able to create a special set of terms and conditions to cater to the needs of Municipalities, Non-Profits and other funded organizations. Also, Guarantees, Payment Terms, and flexible products are all encompassed within the CEO offer.  We consider this contract to be the very best supplier contract in its class because members will NOT be over paying for unnecessary items and will NOT be subject to carrying their poor credit neighbors.  CEO will Leverage volume and avoid premiums.


CEO Managed Solutions

Product awareness and understanding are essential to achieving budget mastery, risk management and control.  This is one of the most important attributes of CEO Member benefits.  Product design and management are an integral part of energy management. The team of industry veterans we have working directly with members insures nothing is left to chance and that all of our members’ budgets are protected and managed.


CEO Market Management

Especially here in New England, you have a volatile marketplace with ever-increasing complexities.  Energy is only one component and cost element that requires management.  Navigating and managing each of the components of a price is essential to maximizing energy budgets.  Timing the market, navigating the offers, and vetting the market participants takes time, effort and acumen to master.  CEO members are backed by tenured experts and now can enjoy transparency and advocacy in knowing they have the best price, product and contract available.   


Data Driven Natural Gas & Electricity Procurement

Data is king when referring to energy management.  All strategies, pricing, and market intelligence should be validated and derived from Data sets.  Best Practice’s systems and software haul in millions of data points across all the market suppliers and market resources, studying them so nothing is left to chance. Matching the market data to the customer data is done in a proprietary cutting-edge system. This is just another way CEO has insured our membership is covered by best-in-class Data-driven solutions.



Collaborative Energy Options (CEO) assists its members in navigating through constantly-evolving energy efficiency programs with complete turnkey solutions. With the support of CEO’s Energy Services division, members can better identify the ‘true’ costs of energy projects. Members are presented with a roadmap to maximize and compliment their electricity and natural gas supply procurement efforts.

Member Access Benefits

Streamlined Audit Process

CEO performs a comprehensive selection process through its qualified vendor network, identifying certified organizations through a proprietary 4-point evaluation process:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Value Adds

ASHRAE Level 1 Audits are offered at no-cost.

Enhanced Management Process

  • CEO members have a direct point of contact (expert advocate) in navigating the process of evaluating energy conservation measures
  • CEO provides 3rd-party ‘Value Engineering’ on proposed measures to analyze associated costs and benefits of comprehensive solutions
  • CEO members are provided with benefits to leverage the vendor network for mitigating project risk, project costs, and maximized life-cycle analysis

Optimized Utility Process

  • CEO members are provided with the resources for advocating for utility incentives on proposed energy conservation measures
  • CEO’s utility optimization process ensures the proper selection of utility incentive programs and maximization of all measures to maximize utility funding
  • CEO members are provided with visibility to understand the impact of timing on associated energy conservation measures to accelerate/decelerate programs based up available short and long-term programs

Maximized Financing Solutions

  • CEO members have access to available resources for third-party financing options, utility-financing options, and supplier-financing options
  • CEO members are provided with increased transparency through available funding solutions to support comprehensive turnkey efficiency solutions

Solar Process

Sourcing the best solar project for your organization is an intricate process which usually starts by developing a tailored RFQ/RFP bidding process and a complementary set of provisions and measures for evaluating responders’ bids. Producing the “scope of work” and required materials for the solicitation process can be arduous, with numerous technical requirements, pricing/production response formats, and evaluation criteria.  

A pointed and specific document can significantly improve the vendor selection process, in addition to driving cost savings and producing the best possible structure to meet your specific project goals. For organizations without the in-house technical skill set, industry knowledge, or available staff hours to properly execute a substantial solar project, CEO delivers unparalleled solar procurement services and delivers transparent and efficient guidance throughout the process – from RFQ/RFP & proposal assessment conception to vendor awarding and contract negotiation/execution.

With our renewable energy program’s expert focus to maximize total cost of ownership for municipal and non-profit organizations, members are provided a comprehensive suite of solar lifecycle services to streamline the decision making process, reduce project and market risk, increase operational excellence, and insure a best-in class solar process combined with the most cost-effective long-term value available.


Scope of Services

  • Streamlined Intake Process

    • RFP/RFQ document formation including organization specifications, statements of work, initial system designs and construction requirements

  • Proposal Standardization & Best Practices Verification

    • Detailed evaluation criteria to fit specific project goals

    • Reference/background checks on vendor competence, technology, financing capabilities and financial stability

  • Visibility with Vendor Cost Comparisons

    • Unmatched performance, price and warranty benchmarking

  • Review/Analysis of Project Economics & Proposal Dimensions

    • Internal evaluation, decision-making support and stakeholder presentations

  • Evaluation of Vendor Qualifications & Proposal Bids

    • Comprehensive proposal assessments for technology, competences and finances

    • Contract terms/conditions assessment and negotiation strategy

    • Unbiased expert recommendations of turnkey renewable energy solutions

CEO Benefits

  • Increased visibility into economic and regulatory costs/benefits of available renewable energy programs

  • Increased competitiveness of renewable energy bids

  • Identification of strategic renewable energy objectives

  • Detailed Site Survey, including structural and electrical capacity review

  • Evaluation of site-specific risks and opportunities

  • Technical assistance support

  • Identification of financial impact to energy management strategy

  • Benchmarking of project costs and benefits

  • Evaluation and support of financial incentives and financing mechanisms

  • Assessment of Total Cost of Ownership

Data Services & Reporting

Our research has revealed that in order to effectively manage utility usage, there needs to be visibility. Through Best Practice Energy, members have access to a robust cloud-based platform with several applications and features.